"Made in Germany"

The Boom Speedster is wide, compact and powerful. As the original genuine Roadster he has no roof or canopy, just as much body as needed, no elecronic driving aids such as ABS, ESP and a direct steering (GoKart feeling). It is spartan and puristical. Just by leaving many things away, that are only for the convenience of the driver, the focus lays on the essentials: the driving experience, i.e. fell the Speedster and enjoy nature! Driving pleasure and open-air entertainment stands in the foreground instead of Luxury without to neglect comfort and safety (crash test). Nevertheless, being suitable for touring and daily use, makes BOOM Speedster unique worldwide. Of course, the BOOM Speedster is roads approved and homologated in Europe as passenger car according to EU Directive. The BOOM Speedster has a modern Ford Euro 6 engine with 5-gears manual transmission.

10 avantages of BOOM Speedster compared to all available Quads on the market:

- Crashtest according to automotive standard, thus very high safety
- No speed limit
- No weight limit
- No power limit
- EU-regitration as passenger car open (Euro 6)
- High quality automotive technique: engine, transmission, brake system, Pushrod-chassis and much more
- With 240 l trunk capacity plus a 80 l helmet box in the front, it is absolutely practicalityy and suitable for leisure activities of 2 persons
- Exclusive, new and uniques design
-No helmet requirement
- High maintenance of balue due to small-scale production and handmade 

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