Tips for your Trike

Trikes are fascinating vehicles, giving a feeling of freedom and power. However, you must accept the limitations imposed by your trike. Proper care and maintenance are essential, and the trike should always be in top condition.


Like motorcycles, riding a trike requires the right protective clothing. Integral helmet, a full set of leathers, leather boots and good gloves are the minimum requirement when riding.

Care and maintenance

Regular care and maintenance contributes to the safety of your vehicle but also to  its value, Clean your Trike regularly. But certain parts of the trike can be damaged by high water or air pressure. The following items should not be cleaned with a high pressure hose (e.g. in coin-operated vehicle wash installations):

  • Wheel hubs
  • Ignition switches
  • Main brake cylinders
  • Instruments
  • Silencer aperture
  • Electrosafe
  • Generator
  • Engine electronics
  • Handlebar-mounted controls

After cleaning, the Trike should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water. Cleaning agent residues can cause alloy parts to corrode. Wipe the trike dry, start the engine, and run it for several minutes.


That your trike starts up in the next spring wihout any problems you should take necessary precautions.

: Remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry and frost-protected room. Before installing the battery, it should be charged at regular intervals (1-3 month).

: To protect the steel tank against corrosion, it should be filled up during winter break.

Thorough cleaning
: Before parking the Trike, it should be cleaned thoroughly. Dirt may harden and damage the painting.

To relieve the chassis, wheels and suspension, load the frame on lifting jacks.