Trike tours

Some of our BOOM dealers provide guided trike tours that are planned individually and elaborated carefully.
If you want to experience great landscapes and want to share time with like-minded people than contact directly our dealers. Please find more information about the individual dates on the websites of our dealers.

TRIKE Wenisch

Trike Wenisch Logo

TRIKE Wenisch
Elmar Wenisch
Am Weiher 15
85604 Zorneding


Tel.: 08106-247994
Fax.: 08106-247995


Edel Trike

Edel Trike

Edel Trike
Dieter Edel
Berliner Ring 57
75417 Mühlacker


Tel.: 07041-84824
Fax.: 07041-3696


Trike Feeling España

Trike Feeling España Logo

Trike Feeling España
Gustav Thamer
Paseo de Filipinas 20, 3°C
ES-45600 Talavera de la Reina


Tel.: 0034-925816264

Mobil: 0034-658243096 
Fax: 0034-925816264